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Organic cotton. How is it different? What are its benefits?

By David Ferrero January 23, 2023
Photo by Seven Seven on Unsplash

The other week we talked about how nature-based solutions are greatly beneficial for biodiversity and for reducing pollution and hazards on the environment. Because we like to talk about sustainable materials on fashion, we are going to apply this terms to the agriculture of organic cotton. Cotton has been historically fashion’s most used fiber. When…

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Are jeans sustainable? The History and Makings of denim

By Malu Benjamin November 16, 2022
Paradigme Mode

After the glorious return of the low-rise jeans, fashionistas and influencers seem to be more obsessed than ever with denim. While fashionable, producing the iconic blue fabric can have a high environmental impact. What does denim mean for our planet ? Brief History of Jeans Officially invented in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis,…

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Beyond the Price Tag: What Does Fast Fashion Truly Cost?

By Emma Enebak November 8, 2022

Fashion has always had a rapid cycle of trend turnover. Looking across history, there seems to be a perpetually shrinking gap between the obsoletion and reemergence of what’s considered ‘trendy.’ In the past decade, we have seen shoulder pads awaken from their post-80’s grave and watched women reclaim a newly liberated version of the eighteenth-century…

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The end of lab-made trends

By David Ferrero August 17, 2022

Colours and materials dictated by certain groups years before collections is getting over soon. Going to tradeshows, overanalysing society´s behaviors, dictating what is considered right or wrong… New generations are rejecting this idea. Some rich person, disjointed from society, in his hotel room, will decide what they will have to wear next year. Our society…

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Paradigme Mode: The Creation Story

By Emma Enebak August 10, 2022

Paradigme Mode was founded upon a string of realizations. These realizations came slowly yet forcefully, as if what had been a slightly blurry image of reality was at once vibrantly clear. This clear image which I now see, the real truth of the fashion industry, is communicating one thing: an urgent need for change. “Art…

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