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Organic cotton. How is it different? What are its benefits?

By David Ferrero January 23, 2023
Photo by Seven Seven on Unsplash

The other week we talked about how nature-based solutions are greatly beneficial for biodiversity and for reducing pollution and hazards on the environment. Because we like to talk about sustainable materials on fashion, we are going to apply this terms to the agriculture of organic cotton. Cotton has been historically fashion’s most used fiber. When…

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Nature-based solutions for agriculture

By David Ferrero January 10, 2023

How can nature-based solutions help with sustainability? Today we are going to talk about something that may seem fairly technical, but it’s something of great importance for our daily nutrition and clothing. Nature-based solutions for agriculture! Nature-based solutions for agriculture involve using natural systems to support agricultural productivity. That’s instead of relying on chemical pesticides…

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Paris becomes a cycling city

By David Ferrero December 12, 2022
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Paris, once one of Europe’s most polluted and car-centric cities, is now leading the charge in sustainable transport initiatives. From 2017 to 2022, the city has undergone an incredible transformation, with the city council announcing plans to make Paris completely cyclable by 2026. This includes massive investments in the creation of 180 kilometers of cycling…

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